• Jane Nicholls & Kevin Mcdonough
    Their compassion and respect for individuals who express themselves uniquely – and sometimes with difficulty – is an invaluable quality, and it’s one that pervades the atmosphere at the Spectrum studio, where participants on the autism spectrum come together to create nothing short of magic!
  • Robert Girolami
    Being part of the internship program this past summer has given me the opportunity to gain work experience in a field that I truly enjoy and love. I finally feel like I have a place where I belong.
  • Francesco Bologna
    Social Club is amazing, especially the fact that you’re getting to meet new people and its an great social experience. I would definitely recommend Spectrum to anyone who wants to learn animation, film production or to let loose and have fun.


Social Club takes place every Friday night at the studio. Everyone likes to relax on Friday after a big week, so why not hang out together?!  At Social Club everyone hangs out, shares interests, videos, songs, and most importantly relaxes together after a long week. We also like to cook a meal and put on a movie – 4 hours of socializing, spending time with friends, learning new skills, cooking and eating  – what could be better on a Friday night? Social Club will be happening every Friday during the school year, get in touch to join!


This program is aimed specifically at youth aged 8 – 14 and runs approximately twice a month on Saturday from 1-4 pm. Using the framework from our Friday social club with more structured activities, this program is a fun starting point for participants to get involved with Spectrum and build social skills.

Watch a little promo shot and edited by Social Club attendees.


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