This internship program is based on developing employment and creative skills as part of the Spectrum video production team.  Positions are offered to students who show particular talent and interest in video and media production and wish to develop their skills.  This program runs September to June and targets youth aged 17 and up.


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  • Eric Bent
    Spectrum Productions has given us on the Autistic spectrum a chance to express ourselves with media and film making, and has already become a valuable resource for the participants and also to parents. I am extremely proud to be a part of it.
  • William Mitchell
    I love the work I do at Spectrum because I like making movies about my interests. This makes me feel special and important. The projects I work on are fun and interesting.
  • Connie Diguessepe
    The employment training program has helped my son express his passion and creativity through film, but most of all, it has allowed him to gain invaluable work experience in working with others and by being patient and understanding to the needs of others at work. What a great program! It allows youth to gain work experience that can be transferred to a really paying job.
  • Martin Eran-Tasker
    Jonathan has grown in confidence as he has been provided with an innovative environment that challenges him to think out of the box and take responsibility for his efforts, but more importantly provide him with the opportunity of an assistance role to others attending the program.
  • Maria Niki Barzakos
    Spectrum Productions has such a deep understanding of autism that they provide a flexible, open minded and highly motivational place for students to learn marketable skills, such as learning various computer programs, video editing and using camera equipment. It is nice to see how good participants feel about themselves because they were in an environment where they were accepted for who they were, but at the same time challenged to expand their learning.