• Nancy Campoli
    The weekly program permits our son to express his own creativity through various projects.  Dan and Liam have given him the confidence to pursue his passion and show pride for all he’s  accomplished.
  • Jane Nicholls Kevin Mcdonough
    Spectrum has enabled him to express a level of creativity, establish, share his ‘take’ on the world, and achieve a level of independence that we find amazing
  • Jennifer Bell
    Sharing his videos with families and friends gives Robin a new way to connect with the people he loves and gives them an insight into his unique and fascinating personality.
  • Doug Mitchell
    Spectrum combine not only a profound commitment to and respect for the participants on a human level, but also bring a level of imagination, enthusiasm and creativity which results in some truly magical productions.


These weekly 2-hour sessions are offered during the school year, give participants the chance to explore their creative interests through video production, with in-depth and active guidance from our staff. Participants are given the means to pursue long term projects of their choice, gaining skills in their realm of interest. Days available are based on age range and interest level.


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