Creating opportunities for youth and young adults on the autism spectrum through video and media production 


Founding partners Liam O’Rourke and Dan TenVeen have worked with individuals on the autism spectrum for a combined 20 years. In their experience they discovered compelling creative talents and technical aptitudes, and saw potential for this interest and skill to be used in media production.

Spectrum Productions (formerly Camera Roll Productions) was born to explore this notion. We began by creating a special place for people to learn, grow and have fun by contributing creative ideas while honing their skills. Early on, the idea of creating employment opportunities was forefront in our minds. While we developed and expanded our creative and social programming, we did so with the idea of providing the stepping-stones to potential employment and life long support.

Spectrum sees potential for our participants to be imaginatively engaged in a workplace setting. Our approach is an innovation in that it is recognizing the untapped potential in individuals with autism without necessarily focusing on mediating the traits of their autism spectrum disorder. This unprecedented and forward thinking strategy has the potential to open up many new opportunities to individuals on the autism spectrum, allowing youth to truly give back and participate in society personally and professionally.

Our original goal of a social enterprise that offers comprehensive and inclusive services, as well employment training and job opportunities is becoming a reality! The list of people to thank is extensive but we hope you all continue to support us on this journey that is Spectrum.

We are committed to providing quality experiences with film and media production to our participants through easy access to tools, equipment and guidance needed to make personal and collaborative media projects.

Our Programs are designed to encourage and support the social, creative and vocational well being of the youth we support. We believe that self-expression through media is a unique and accessible way to share interests, develop passions, and foster social networks.